Ultimate Warrior RIP one of the all time great Wrestler and Champions

April 16, 2014

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RIP to the  Ultimate Warrior . Ultimate warrior the only Wrestler to be intercontenintal champion and WWE Champion . he personified intensity . Ultimate Warrior had the War Paint and  the he wore War tassels and was one of the most energetic  Wrestlers around.  he could pump up the fans. he full on sprinted to the ring !!!   He had the Gorilla press slam and slammed his opponetts to the mat. Ultimate Warrior was powerful he had the bodybuilder muscle body.  he was a face the super hero wrestler  . The Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan 2 of the popular wrestlers around their time had one of the great Wrestlemania matches of all.  the match was for Ultimate Warriors intercontenintal championship vs Hulk Hogan the WWF champion title vs Title WreslteMania match. Hulk hogan and Ultimate Warrior battled and went back and fourth. Hulk Hogan was bigger than Ultimate Warrior the 24in pythons and hulk Hogan was taller but Ultimate warrior was just as strong as Hulk Hogan.  Hogan did the big leg drop which usually put all the wrestlers away .  but the Ultimate Warrior kicked out he eventually did the big splash on Hulk Hogan one his other finishing moves and Ultimate Warrior one. Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior  were 2 crowd favorite and had the best fan. Ultimate Warrior had the best music and he sprinted to the ring  and  Ultimate Warrior called his fan the Warriors ! my warriors .   !  Ultimate  Warrior left the WWE .  at the time they said Ultimate Warrior was hard to deal with at times and walked out of his contract because he was holding WWE up for more money so he left.  so it was said Ultimate Warrior didn’t leave on good terms with WWE . But at WrestleMania 30 April 6 2014  New Orleans Vince McMahon and the McMahon family linda Vince’s wife and former CEO of WWe and Stephanie McMahon and Triple H put the past behind them and worked out a deal to get the Ultimate Warrior to be inducted in to the Hall of fame  !  Ultimate  Warrior also made a commercial for the WWE video game.  WWE and UItimate Warrior mad their peace. Then  last Monday on April 7 Ultimate Warrior made his final appearance ever.  he told the fans he thanks them and that we the wreslting fans and Ultimate Warrior make the legends by the stories we pass on to other generations he said the memory of Ultimate Warrior will run on forever !! he said the fans are legendary and that we are the Warrior fans one of his last words and quotes at the  Hall of fame Ultimate warrior was escorted to the podium to make his speech by his daughters.  and his wife he said he loved her. it was like a perfect send off but we did not know this was gonna be his send off.  he passed away The next day after his Monday Night  Raw appearance April 8 he was on his way to his car and colapsed and then was pronounced dead . RIP  the the Ultimate Warrior continued thoughts and prayer go out to his wife and daughters and family and friends and fan !   I liked when the Ultimate Warrior won the Intercontenital championship and WWE champion belt and changed to color of the belt straps  intercontenintal belt was yellow and the WWE belt was blue. Ultimate Warrior one of the best  !!

Ultimate Warrior running to the ring

Ultimate Warrior running the ring as the WWF champion

The Ultimate Warrior

Ultimate Warrior the WWF champion with the blue championship belt Ultimate Warrior last WWe appaearance April 7 2014 Monday night rawUltimate Warrior Monday night raw April 7 , 2014  before he died 

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