Mitch Richmond former Sacramento Kings and Golden State Warriors and Washington Wizards LA lakers now minority owner of the Sacramento Kings Mitch Richmond makes the basketball hall of fame Congratulations

April 16, 2014

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 Congratulations Mitch Richmond “the Rock” Mitch Richmond was a part of the Golden State Warriors and played with the group Tim Hardway, Chris  Mullin and Mitch Richmond  they were known as “TMC” they were a legendary players and great played and did lots of scoring and winning in Golden State. Mitch’s next stop in the  NBA  was the  Sacramento Kings. he helped put the Kings on the Map he was an all star here and he was known as the rock because he was solid as a Rock on defense. Michael Jordan the 6 time NBA champion says Mitch is one of his toughest match ups  in the NBA. Mitch  helped the kings be a respectable team he lead the kings to the playoffs against The Seattle Super Sonics ! Mitch also played  for the Olympics team USA and was apart of the USA 1996  Olympic team that won the gold medal and played in Atlanta ! Mitch Richmond played shooting guard and was a good scorer. also Mitch finished his career with the LA Lakers 2001 -2002 . The LA Lakers won the championship. Mitch played off the bench . Mitch dribbled  out the clock  and the Lakers won the Championship. Mitch contributed big every where he played at. Mitch’s jersey  #2 is retired  at the former Arco Arena ! Mitch Richmond Congratulations on the hall of  fame  - Phillip from Galt

Mitch Richmond

Mitch Richmond  when he was with the Lakers. Mitch was apart of a championship team with the LA lakers

mitch richmond

Mitch helped put the kings on the map  !! all star appearances MVP great shooter  and great on defense 

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