Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon going into the WWE 2014 Hall fame ! Congratulations Bad Guy

March 26, 2014

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Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon making the WWE hall of fame at WrestleMania30 2014 . !   Razor Ramon is the bad guy. a lot of people say he made it cool to be a bad guy. he said he was ooozing with machismo !  Razor Ramon always had his  trademark  tooth-pick !!  Razor Ramon  won the interconteintal champion belt from Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania to determine who the real champion was in a ladder match. it was one of WWE’s first ladder matches.  Razor Ramon  and Shawn Michales went back and fourth using  the  ladder as a weapon  and throwing each other off the ladder. it set the bar for ladder matches.   Razor Ramon went to  WCW after his WWE contract was up and came in to WCW as the outsiders with good friend from WWE a former  WWE / WWF champion Kevin Nash aka Diesel.   they were the outsiders and eventually revealed Hulk Hogan as their tag team partner and the leader of NWO black and white NWO Hollywood.   NWO  was one of the best and influentcial groups and factions ever in Wrestling they would come out and beat the other wrestlers up and spray paint them .  they were ruthless. Scott Hall was a big part of NWO  he was a tag team champion with Kevin Nash in WCW. Razor Ramon had a great move called the Razor edge where he would out and opponet on his above his shoulders  and head and then throw them into  the mat . it was a devastaing move that would put away and beat many opponetts !   Razor Ramon, would ofter say  Hey Yo ! Razor Ramon Scott Hall one of the best in Wrestling too.  Congratulations to the Bad guy for going inot the Hall of fame !

29 Razor Ramon 2

Razor Ramon WWE WWF Interconteintal Champion

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Scott Hall and Kevin  Nash Aka Razor Ramon and Big Daddy Cool Diesel as the NWO WCW Tag team champion ! Wolf PAck

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