No More Dunking over the field Goal post in the NFL !! boooo ! NFL - No Fun League. ! Commissioner Roger Goodell worst Commissioner in Sports today

March 26, 2014

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so another reason why the NFL also can stand for the the No Fun League .  ! is that there is a new rule in the NFL ! No  more Dunking over the field Goal post after a touchdown as a touchdown celebration ! A lot of players such as  wide receivers and tight ends that used to play basketball are known to have dunked over the field goald post after scoring a touchdown  !!    some player like Toyn Gonzalez  one of the top tight ends and a good guy on and off the field who is recnetly retired he played college basketball at Cal and this  was a touchdown celebration he used  to dunk over the field goal post .   Vernon Davis 49ers tight end  one of the best tight ends too in the league has been know to dunk too over the field goal post.  I think its a fun celebration its fun to see the players dunk and bring a basketball move to football its fun to see their “hops “  and how high they can get. player will be now fined and penalized for doing this. 

I think Commissioner Goodell is the worst Commissioner in sports today. he is not a fan friendly commissioner he is always taking the fun things like celebrations out of the game. I think he should connect with the fans and have fun and NFL should get involved more with fans like fan  give aways when you go to a game like in baseball you get stuff when you go a fun give away.  how about more player autographs at the stadium  . I like when I go to the Raiders game and get autographs that’s fun and what sports is about having fun and keeping fans entertained and involved  !! 

vernon Davis 49ers slam dunking over goal post

49ers tight end one of the games best players seen here dunking the football over the Goal post

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Tony Gonzalez one of Footballs all time top tight ends played college football and basketball  at Cal now is recently retired seen here dunking the football over the field goal post , is not allowed in football no more players will be fined and  penalized . Guess its a good thing Tony Gonzalez is retired now ! now he will not have to worry about getting penalized and fined anymore  !

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