Oakland Raiders make some great moves in free agency on defense !

March 19, 2014

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 The Oakland Raiders make 2 great moves on defense and got 2 good awesome players on the free agency market !    The Raiders got former NY Giants football players defensive end Justin Tuck ! Tuck was apart of 2 Super Bowl Victories with the New York Giants. he has 2 Super Bowl championship rings.  The Giants beat the New England Patriots in both the super bowls. while in new york , Tuck was apart of a defnese that includes new hall of famer Michael Strahan . Strahan and Tuck teamed up as great pass rushers. and made lots of tackles. Tuck is a Sack machine himself. and is always apart of the play on defense making tackles and getting involved. Tuck is going to add some positive leadership to the Oakland Raiders and some Championship attitude the the Raiders and the Raiders  defense !!

0109S1 GiantsTuck 60p RGB

Justin Tuck with Pressure on Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan . Justin Tuck has been a NY Giants football player his whole career . Tuck is  now a Raiders defensive end the Raiders brought him in via free agency. I think he is gonna be a big play maker for the Raiders defense making lots of sacks and tackles ! 

The Raiders also LaMarr Woodley a defensive end.  he also bring Super Bowls . he was apart of the Steelers when they beat the Arizona Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII . Woodley will bring some more championship attitude to the Raiders and their defense . Woodley is a big sacker too and can sack and get to the quarterback.  Woodley and Jutin Tuck welcome to the Raiders.  Justin Tuck and LaMarr Woodley say they want to help turn the Raiders around !  all the best to LaMarr Woodley and Justin Tuck. I hope you both make great plays and cause a lot of quarterback like Peyton Manning and  Philip Rivers and  Alex Smith cause them problems on the field and introduce yourself to them with lots of Sack and tackles  !   Go Raiders !!!!  Oakland Raiders  !

Lamarr Woodley

LaMarr Woodley former defensive end for the Steeler now a Raiders. the Raiders aquired Woodley free agency and Woodley will make big plays for the Raiders

36298 Blue Defense Football Sign600x600

Oakland Raiders Logo

Oakland Raiders !!

oakland raiders super bowls

Oakland Raiders 3 Super Bowl Trophies !

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