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March 12, 2014

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 WWE  fans I have a lot of exciting news. 

Paul Bearer legendary manager for the Undertaker, Kane and Mankind the late great Paul Bearer is going in to the Hall of fame ! Paul Bearer was  a main part of the Undertaker’s career. and he took over managing Undertaker after brother love introduced us to Paul Bearer. Paul Bearer during his career as  Undertakers’s manager carried the Undertaker’s urn to the ring, which was thought to have Undertaker’s powers. Paul Bearer turned on Undertaker and  was managing  Mankind- Mic Foley and introduced us to the Undertaker’s brother Kane . !  Undertaker won championship WWE championship while Paul Bearer was at his side. ! Paul Bear sometimes used the urn as a weapon and hit wrestlers with it. one of the memorable moments in WWE was when Paul Bearer hosted a talk show and would interview wrestling star in the WWF at that time !! the talk show was known as the  Funeral Parlor  and it would many times set up the Undertaker’s next feud like when  Ric flair was on the funeral Parlor with Hulk Hogan and the Undertaker sneaked from behind and attacked Hulk Hogan or when the  Ultimate Warrior was on the funeral Parlor as a guest and the Undertaker sneaked behind undertaker and hit him with and urn and Paul Bearer and Undertaker attacked Ultimate warrior and knocking him unconcious and put the Ultimate Warrior in the casket. and locked him inside and they had to break open the casket. that was crazy. Kane also was managed by Paul Bearer and we found out that Paul Bearer was Kane’s father !  Paul Bearer always had the back of Kane and Undertaker he carried the urn or would put himself in harms way at ring side to make sure they got the victory. Congratulations to Paul Bearer , Undertaker, Kane and all Paul Bearer’s family and fans ! nobody could ever forget Paul Bearer’s voice !! ohhh yessss ! 

paulbearer bio

Paul Bearer with his and the  Undertaker’s and Kane’s urn legendary WWE Manager 

Paul Bearer and Undertaker b

Paul Bearer was the manager of the Undertaker when he won the WWE championship

28314 300x300

Paul Bearer with Kane as the WWE champion !

Kane06 zpsd5c08632

Paul Bearer and Kane  !


Paul Bearer on the set of the funeral Parlor and Undertaker sneaking behind him  Bear and Undertaker put the Ultimate Warrior in the casket.

 Guest Host  of WrestleMania 30  Hulk Hogan with a huge announcement for WrestleMania

Hulk Hogan the best of all time the legendary Hulk Hogan wrestling champion WWE and WCW champion he beat the Macho man before and Triple H and Sgt. Slaughter and beat Undertaker and Ric Flair. Hogan is one of the best and has beat some to the best. and he is stet  to guest host WrestleMania. one of Hulk Hogan’s great wrestling moments is at WrestleMania 3 when he faced the unstoppable Andre The Giant a huge big man that was dominat and so big and powerful known as the 8th wonder of the world and a former WWE champion Andre The Giant during their WrestleMania match Hulk Hogan body slammed the  550 plus Andre the Giant . this was the first and only time Andre the Giant was slammed and anybody body-slammed him   

Hulk Hogan announced at WrestleMania 30  there will be a 30 Man over the top rope Andre the Giant memorial Battle Royal and the winner will win the fist ever Andre the Giant trophy. 

this is such an awesome news to honor Andre the Giant and one of the greatest matches and moments ever at  WrestleMania

I think another Big man and Giant  The Big show should be in the Andre the Giant over the top rope battle Royal and  could have a chance at winning he would make Andre the Giant proud 

andre the giant memorial

1st ever 30 man over the top rope Andre the Giant memorial Battle Royal   at WrestleMania 30

andre the giant

Andre the Giant the best big man the 8th wonder of the world 

Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan

Hulk hogan and Andre the Giant  were wrestling opponets and friends too


Andre the Giant the best Big man in Wrestling the WWF champion


Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan at their WrestleMania match where Hulk Hogan body slammed  The massive huge powerful dominant Giant ,Andre the Giant 

Triple H vs Daniel Bryan WrestleMania 30.

Triple H the COO of WWE and one of the best in his own right is gonna be in a match with one of the biggest star in WWE right now a crowd favorite fan favorite exciting wrestler and a fun wrestler to watch Daniel Bryan ! Yes ! Yes ! Yes !     Daniel bryan had all the best submission move and I think with the fans behind him he will make Triple H tap out to the Yes lock !!  and if Daniel Bryan wins his match against Triple H he will be added into the Main ever later that night for the WWE world heavyweight championship make it a triple threat match and he would be wrestling Randy Orton and Batista !

daniel bryan vs triple h

Daniel Bryan vs Triple H at WrestleMania 30

Daniel Bryan 10

Daniel Bryan  YEs Yes  Yes !!  

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