Johnny Manziel the Next Joe Montana ?????? Johnny football being compared to Joe Montanta by 2 greatest Hall of famer wide recievers

March 3, 2014

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 Johnny football Johnny Manziel being compared to Joe Montana ??  2 of the greatest of all times wide recievers  and Hall of famers former Oakland Raiders Super Bowl MVP  champion Fred Biletnikoff and  former San Francisco  49ers and Raiders reciever  Jerry Rice Super Bowl MVP  champion. most touchdowns and receptions as a reciever are comparing Johnny football to Johnny Manziel .Johnny Manziel  will be in the 2014 NFL draft. Jerry Rice first compare Johnny football to Joe Montana is former  quarterback in San Francisco  . Joe is a Super Bowl champion leading the 49ers  to 4 super bowl championship a super bowl MVP Joe is pro bowler and mvp he  had all the best throws and had the greatest wide reciever of all time Jerry Rice.  Joe made the greatest throws and Jerry made all the catches.  Jerry Says Manziel reminds him of Joe because he can come back from behind and he keeps his poise and is calm like  Joe Montana did  when he was behind in a game .

I think Manziel is not the next Joe Montana,  maybe somethings are similar but nobody can do what  Joe Montana . Johnny Manziel has to make a name for himself  he will not play like Joe Montana he will have his own playing style and he’ll have to prove he can win with his team and his players !  all the best to Johnny Manziel  as he begins his  NFL career.  stay tuned for more draft news as it gets closer. We will see if Johnny  Manziel can do his own winning and can create his own great legacy. I know Jerry Rice and Fred Belitnekoff are the 2 of the greatest players and recievers but i don’t think they should be comparing Johnny Manziel to Joe Montana. Johnny football hasn’t even took his first snap in the NFL. only time will tell to who we can compare Manziel too !  - Phillip from Galt 

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