Crazy story of the week . McDonald's being sued over 1 Napkin

March 3, 2014

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 The crazy story of the week. is a man Webster Lucas is suing McDonald’s restaurant after he visited the popular food chain , at a California location he orderd a quarter pounder delux and said he was given only 1 napkin.   he says he went to the counter to ask for more. when he was treated rudely by the manager. he said he was felt discriminated against. Lucas is a black and the manager is mexican – american. Lucas claims the manager made a remark and said “you people “. Lucas was offered free burger apparently , but that is not good enough.  he is now suing McDonald’s over 1 napkin for 1.5 Million dlloars.  now while I think the manager and the employees should have given Lucas more napkins after he asked  I don’t think that he is gonna get 1.5 Million dollars. I also though napkins are located by  the  fountain drinks. personally I would have taken the free burgers and been don with it. I think Lucas is being greedy and won’t win the 1.5 million he is looking for  - Phillip from Galt  



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