Barry Bonds to be a spring training Instructor for the San Francisco Giants 2014

February 26, 2014

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Barry Bonds  the All time Home run king a San Francisco Giants great . a great hitter is coming back to the San Francisco Giants as  a Spring Instructor.  he will be tutoring the players in hitting. San Francisco manager says Barry can really help the players. I think Barry can help the players he had a long careers as a player. Bonds who was always suspected as a steriod user and p.e.d. user can still help the players he had a long career as a player in the major leagues. he always had a good eye for the ball.  Barry  Bonds has 762 all time homeruns . Barry was always good at hitting . and I think the players  will see this as a postitive Barry is one of the Giants all time greats and the players see the Giants front office taking care of former players.Bonds dealt with a lot of pressure when he was a player because of his allegations of him cheating so he can give players advise on how he deals with hard situations.  I applud the Giants  for recaching out  to Barry Bonds and not ignoring him since he contributed to the team.  Mark McGwire who was always suspected of taking and using steriods is now a hitting coach for the LA Dodgers before the Tony LaRussa his former manager in with  the Oakland A’s and  St. Louis  Cardinals  broght McGwire as a hiitng coach with the Cardinals. people see how McGwire and Bonds want to contribute positive to baseball and  teach the current players. maybe  Bonds and McGwire can be foregiven for their worng by taking p.e.d.’s   and see that they had good careers despite the negative things. they both provided many entertaing memories and meomorable sports moments with homerun records and entertaining long homeruns. isn’t that whats sports in for having fun and entertaining.  So I think having Barry Bonds as an instructor is pretty cool all around and maybe he will help out a few players in  their hitting and we will see the results on the field.  also Bonds will be joined with Jeff Kent his former teammate with the Giants. sometimes bonds and Kent had a hard time getting a long even one time getting in to a shoving  and shouting match in the Giants dugout that was caught on camera during a game . now they can put that behind them and prove they can work together and help  the Gaints players this spring training to show them tips about hitting and playing in the outfield and about the game. best of luck to the Giants and the spring training instructor Barry Bonds and Jeff  Kent  – Phillip from Galt

Barry Bonds hitting batting

Barry Bonds with his time as a player with the San Francsico Giants batting

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