R.I. P. to King Mable Nelson Fraizer WWE wrestler dead at age 43

February 19, 2014

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Rest in peace to King Mable WWE legend aka Big daddy V  his real name is Nelson Fraizer.  he died of an apparent heart attack at age of 43.  Mable was on of the memorable wrestlers and characters in WWE.  He came in to  WWE  with a rapping with his manager Oscar and his tag team partner  Mo . they were known as Men on Mission.  Men on  a mission won the tag team belts once from the Quebeckers . after that Mable went to the Undertaker’s ministry of dark and became Visera  and was known as that for the rest of the time he was in WWE untill he went to the ECW brand and was known as big Daddy V.  Visera had a mean steak h was a big man and could move  around quik in the ring for his size. one of Mable’s memorable mathces was at Survivor series when he was on Men on  mission with his tag team partner Mo and the bushwackers Luke and Butch were a survvior Series team and were the four doinks . they all painted their face like  Doink the clown.  Mable also was  hardcore champion and won the king of the ring tournament to become  King Mable. Mable wrestled with  Diesel and  Undertaker some of his best  feuds and he could always go toe to toe with anybody. one of  WWE ‘s best big men too .   Rest in Peace King Mable – WWE fan Phillip from Galt

King mable WWF

King Mable

19931124 doinks survive

Mable as one of the  four doinks at survivor Series 

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