TV legend Betty White Host WWE Monday Night Raw this past Monday February 10, 2014 . here is a list of more celebrities I think should host Monday night Raw

February 13, 2014

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So  this past Monday February 10 , 2014  . TV legend Betty White she was on the guest host of WWE Monday Night Raw . Betty White has been  on the golden  girls tv sitcom a very popular show she is on hot in Cleveland and off their Rockers.  Betty White is hilarious and she has been on popular and successful tv shows.

on Raw Betty White was accompanied by The Big Show. The Big Show asked Betty White what are we gonna do  on WWE Monday Night  tonight . Betty White responded ” I’m gonna kick some ass “  then the crowd chanted for Betty !

Betty White on WWR Monday Night RaW February 10 2014 and the Big show

something else Betty White did on Raw was she was hanging out with the WWE tag team champions the New Age outlaws  from DX D-Generation X  Billy Gunn and the Road Dogg Jesse James. the New age outlaws invited Betty white to have tea with them . Betty White says she likes lemon with her tea and billy Gunn and Road Dogg both went to get her lemon for her team and while they got up Betty White switched tea cups with  Billy Gunn because they were gonna trick Betty White into drinking team with a laxative to make her have to go to the bathroom but she switched tea cups and she pranked the New age outlaws !  Betty White you were a great WWE Monday Night Raw  Host !

Betty White and the New age outlaws

Betty White with DX Billy Gunn and Road Dogg Jesse James WWE Tag team champions   having team . Betty White switched tea cups when the  New Age Outlaws weren’t looking  pranking them  !!

here is  John Cena excited to meet Betty White too. Betty was a great host  for WWE Monday Night Raw

betty white amd john cena

More Celebrities  That I think should guest host WWE Monday Night Raw !! 

1. ) Jay Leno  – I think Jay Leno should host WWE Monday Night Raw because he was involved in the Original WCW Match he teamed up With DDP  diamond Dallas Page and Wrestled  Hulk Hogan when he was in the NWO.  Also Jay Leno is a big Wrestling fan . and he has  time to host WWE Monday night Raw since he has free time now that he is gone from the tonight  Show. Jay Leno would be funny and maybe he could get in the ring and confront one of the wrestlers and have comedy bits with some of the Wrestlers !


Jay Leno with DDP

Jay Leno with Diamond Dallas Page in WCW  in a Wrestling match !

Jay Leno wrestling hulk hogan

Jay Leno putting the Hurt on Hulk  Hogan , putting pressure on Hulk Hogan arm

2.) Jay Z -  Jay Z could be  a WWE Monday  night  Raw  Guest  host . he could also perform a song or two on tv and maybe mix it up with a couple of the Wrestlers back stage  . Jay Z would put on  a good show and  he could perform for the Wrestling crowd and for the tv audiecne too  !

Jay Z

3. )  Eli and Peyton Manning -AKA The Manning borthers  -  I think Peyton and Eli would do a good job hosting Raw they are 2 popular  quarterback NFL players.  Peyton Especially loves TV and  he is on  bunch of commercials cars commercial, papa John’s pizza commercials ect. .  Both of the Manning have super bowl rings or  1 ring. Peyton has 1 super bowl title while Eli  his brother has  2  Super bowls . plus they can have each others back if one of the WWE Wrestlers messes with them they will back each other up . Plus there are already brother combinations and has always been some brothers that tagged up like Bret the Hitman hart and Owen Hart  and also  Now we have GoldDust and Cody Rhodes they were recently tag team champions and the Uso brothers Jimmy and Jay Uso ! 

Eli and Peyton Manning NFL quarterbacks

peyton manning eli manning 03292012

4.)  Jim Harbaugh – The San Francisco 49ers headcoach Jim Harbaugh should be a WWE Monday Night Raw guest host.   He is used to being in charge because he is a headcoach of the 49ers. Jim Harbaugh is intense. I bet he would fire up and pump up the wrestlers, maybe he can be a coach / manager at ringside for John Cena or Batista. Ric Flair came and gave the 49ers a pump up speech before the Green Bay Packers and 49ers playoff game this year. and Jim Harbaugh loves wrestling and plus the 49ers new stadium levi’s stadium will host WrestleMania 31 in 2015 in Santa Clara !

Jim Harbaugh

jim harbaugh pleated khakis

5. Scooby doo – Yes the dog.  !!  Scooby Doo and WWE Wrestling Superstars teamed up for the WrestleMania Mystery  DVD !  The muppetts have hosted WWE Monday Night Raw so why can’t scooby !!   even if they put somebody in a costume it would be great  !  here is Sooby doo wit John Cena too  !

Scooby Doo Wrestlemania Mystery post

John Cena and Scooby Dooo


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