Pro football Hall of fame 2014 who I think should make it

January 29, 2014

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1. Coach Tony Dungy.  Head Coach Tony Dungy should make the hall of fame. he is a winning coach he set an NFL  record with most consectutive playoff appearances games. 8 in  a row.  Tony Dungy was then head coach of the Colts team quartebacked by Peyton Manning that won the Super Bowl against the Bears.  Every Year Tony Dungy was the headcoah of the Colts they made the playoffs .  Tony Dungy has  a Super Bowl as a palyer with the steelers and he was a defensive back  he lead the steelers in interceptions the year the Steelers won the Super Bowl . he also played for the 49ers when Bill Walsh was the headcoach of the 49ers .  Tony Dungy was also the Headcoach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers .

TONY DUNGY 001        tony Dungy super bowl winning headcoach

2. Michael Strahan – he is a defensive end one of  the best pass rushers . he had a long great career.he is one of the top Sack leaders of all time. he is a Super Bowl champion he was defnesive  player of the year, all pro , and made Pro Bowls.  Its time for Michale Strahan to make the hall of fame.  Michael Strahan is one of the best he played his whole career as a New York Giant . 

michael strahan4   nfl a strahan 200

3. Charles Haley  – a 5 time super Bowl. nobody has more rings than Charles  Haley.  Charles Haley is also one of the best pass rushers , he is a winner. he is also one of the all time sack leaders of all time he has over 100 sacks in his career. he played the the 49ers and Dallas Cowboys . Haley retired from the Cowboys in 1996  and came back in  1998 for a 49ers playoff game and then he was signed 1998 -1999  season  with the 49ers. Charley Haley should make the Hall of fame Charles Haley has 2 Super Bowls rings with the 49ers and  3 Super Bowl rings with the Cowboys. Charles Haley played with a lot of toughness and always found his way to the quarterback  !

 charles Haley as a member of the 49ers


Charles Haley  with his  5 Super Bowl rings and trophies

charles haley five super bowls

Charles Haley 2

Charles Haley sack Steve Young

Charles Haley as a member of the Dallas Cowboys

Charles Haley Dallas Cowboys

4. Jerome Bettis The  bus. he played  for the La Rams but he had his biggest days and moments of his career as a Pittsburgh Steeler. Jeroms Bettis came out of the University of Notre Dame.  and was nicknamed the Bus because of  how powerful he was and how he used to run over opposing players like  a bus runs over things. Jerome Bettis is the 6 all time leading rusher . he made pro bowls , he is an all pro . He helped power the Steelers to the Super Bowl. He went on to the Super Bowl winning the Super Bowl with the Steelers in his home town Detroit Michigan  !

36 jerome bettis


5. ) Tim Brown. Tim Brown of the Oakland Raiders  Wide reciever.  this should be his year to make the hall of fame.  he went to one Super Bowl and is an AFC champion the Raiders made the super Bowl in 2003  and played the Bucaneers.  Tim Brown has 105 touchdown which is second most in NFL history bhind Jerry Rice, he is second in receptions and receving yards second to Jerry Rice. Tim Brown spent most of his career as an Oakland Raiders player . Tim Brown should make the hall of fame 

Tim Brown Oakland Raiders

– from Phillip from Galt this should be the class of 2014  Pro football hall of fame.

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