WWE Royal Rumble this Sunday January 26 , 2014

January 22, 2014

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WWE Royal Rumble is this Sunday  !  this is where 30 Superstars compete at one time in the ring and gets filled up pretty fast with guys like Great Khali The Big show, maybe Kane  , Brodus Clay, maybe Mark Henry , Sheamus, Batista , Rey Mysterio and other. you get eliminated by being thrown out of the ring over the top rop and both  feet land on the ground  !  This exciting we see  friends  against friends ,  tag team partners against each other all kinds of stuff.  I can’t wait. I am rooting for Rey Mysterio to win the Royal Rumle , he won before. I think he would be great at wrestlemania main event and have a WWE championship shot !   I think The Undertaker might come back this Royal Rumble this Sunday and make his WreslteMania challenge.    Royal Rumble will be exciting.   I would also like to see The Big Show win the Royal Rumble.  and he is a big man it is gonna take a lot of people to throw The Big show over the top rope.  I think the returning Batista can win the Royal Rumble too he is so powerful and he is a power house with a lot of strength its gonna take a lot to throw him out of the ring too.   I think  Daniel Bryan  can win the Royal rumble he is exciting and he has the fans behind him too  The Yes man  Yes !  Yes ! Yes to win the  royal rumble is my  final pick  final answer to win the Royal Rumble ! here is some more matches I am looking forward too at Royal Rumble ! 

royal rumble 2013 match

Royal Rumble 2014

The 2  power houses and Big men  with a lot of strenght the worlds largets athlete the Big Show  a former WWE and world heavyweight champion tag team champion  intercontenital champion Big Show has done  it  all and Brock Lesnar the beast he is a former  UFC  cage fighting champion and former  WWE champion  and he has Paul Heyman in his corner , he has the camora lock and has broke his opponents arm   with that move like Shawn Michaels and Triple H.  Big Show can stand up to the Big show and knock  out punch lesnar and can choke slam him. on Monday night Raw we have seen the Big show throw Brock lesnar out of the ring and  throw him across the ring. lesnar will be in for a big  fight !!

The Big show vs Brock Lesnar Royal rumble 2014 January 1

John Cena vs Randy Orton  .  I think John Cean is gonna whoop Randy Orton and beat him and put the stf move and make  Randy tap out and  give Randy Orton the attitude adjustment.  I pick John Cean to win the WWE Championship.    John Cean is gonna bring his aggressiveness and gonna make Randy Orton tap out with the stf move he does.

john Cena WWE Champion

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