Justin Bieber you're a Knucklehead stop doing dumb things ! Enough is Enough !

January 16, 2014

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I am really tired of Justin Bieber. he is a knucklehead . The latest news is Justin Bieber has nothing better to do with his time than to egg a neighbors house. The neighbor saw Justin Bieber throw the eggs at his house and told him I can see you. When is enough , enough ??? Justin Bieber and his entourage are always getting in trouble for something. Justin Bieber has been caught with drugs around him in his tour bus weed smoke and smell has come from his tour bus and when the deputies were searching for evidence from the egg throwing evidence at Justin Bieber’s mansion they found cocaine. Somebody needs to send Justin Bieber to jail, a judge next time Bieber gets in trouble, the judge needs to send him to jail . I am tired of nothing happening to Bieber, he needs to be taught a lesson , why can’t we send him back to Canada and throw away the key and ban him from ever coming to the USA ever again. Shame on you Justin Bieber, Go away ! – Phillip from Galt

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