Frank Thomas DH going in to the Hall of fame! Congratulations ! former Chicago White Sox, Oakland A's and Toronto blue Jays ! The Big Hurt

January 16, 2014

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Congratulations to The “Big Hurt ” Designated hitter Frank Thomas for being elected to the baseball hall of fame. Thomas who has a great 19 year major league baseball career. Thomas was never afraid of taking drug test. he was a clean player he played in the ” steroid era” with guys that were caught lying and cheating and on p.e.d. ‘s. Frank Thomas a big man worked out and was very powerful. when he was on deck waiting to bat he would often swing a big rebarb pipe. that is the power Frank Thomas had. he earned the nick-name “big Hurt ” because of the way he smashed and crushed the baseball and it seemed as if he hit the baseball to outer space ! Frank Thomas is a  Gold glove winner, he is  an American League MVP and all Star.  Frank Thomas played  the majority or his career as a Chicago White Sox player . in 2005  the Sox made the the world series and Frank Thomas was out due to injury but the team still involved big Frank , he tossed out the ceremonial first pitch  and he earend a world series ring when the White Sox won the world series  because all the contributions Frank Thomas made as a player.   Thomas also played on the Toronto Blue Jay and  had 2  stints with the Oakland A’s .  Frank Thomas helped  the A’s get to the post season in 2006 when he played for the A’s and  brang his big Bat as  a DH  !!  Frank Thomas has more than 500 +  career home runs and is one of the best Congratulations Frank Thomas – big Hurt on the hall of  fame !!    Frank Thomas will go in the baseball hall of fame as  a Chicago White Sox player  !  

Frank Thomas Batting as  a Chicago White Sox player

Frank Thomas

Frank Thomas as a White Sox on deck waiting to bat with his rebarb he used to swing while on deck the Big Hurt !

frank Thomas rebarb

Frank Thomas  Throwing out the Ceremonial first pitch !

Thomas Hall of Fame Baseball

Frank Thomas the Big Hurt as an Oakland A’s player Frank Thomas brang his big bat as a Designated hitter to Oakland With him . Frank Thomas had 2 stints with the Oakland A’s and helped the A’s get to the post season 

Frank Thomas Oakland As

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