American Idol Starts tonight ! on Fox ! Check your local listings !

January 16, 2014

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its that time of year again ! A new season of American Idol starts tonight on fox ! check your local listings ! I like when we first get to see all the new talents that have auditions they all have different stories trying to chase their dream to be the next American Idol and get the contract to be a recording star !  On the Previews for American Idol I saw a cute and pretty Cheerleader ! I like cheerleaders  I can’t wait to see  she was auditioning for American Idol and she wore her cute cheerleader outfit !

Also J-Lo Jennifer Lopez is back at the judges table. ! Maybe she will do some live performances too  !  This should be a fun season. enjoy American Idol –  from Phillip from Galt 

American Idol logo

american idol 2014 auditions boston hdr

the New England Patriots cheerleaders at the American Idol Auditions one of the cheerleaders auditioned . I love the pretty and cute cheerleaders. 

Jennifer  Lopez is back on American Idol at the Judges table in 2014  !  

jennifer lopez american idol finale 02

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