Who Would you like to get a Pump up / Motivational Speech from ?

January 10, 2014

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 if you could get a pump up / motivational speech who would you like to get it from ?

these are some of the people I would want to get a pump up speech from 

1.)  Hulk Hogan – former WWE /WWF/WCW champion ! Hulk hogan, knows what it takes to win. so he could give some tips to be successful and  I would want to hear him say  Whatcha Gonna do when Hulk Hogan runs wild on you !!  That would pump me up 

hulk hogan

2. Jerry Rice- aka the g.o.a.t.  Greatest of all time football player for the 49ers and Raiders and super bowl champion and super bowl MVP.  I bet Jerry Could motivate and pump up people by talking about super bowls Joe Montana  and all Jerry Rice’s touchdowns and playing with 2 super bowl champions and hall of famer quarterbacks Joe Montana and Steve Young  . I would love to hear  a Jerry Rice pump up Speech 

Jerry Rice 49ers

3. Ray Lewis – former linebacker from the Baltimore Ravens. Ray Lewis is Super bowl champion was a leader of the Baltimore Ravens defense. and was very intense. he was very vocal and fun loving too.  he always gave the Ravens a big  Pump up speech before all his games  and he had his pre game celebration dance and never let his team quit. Ray Lewis can give a great pump up speech 

ray lewis

4. Shaquille O’Neal NBA Champion one of the best big mans of all time in the NBA . Shaq is a big fun loving guy  and he has great quotes and comments and I’d love to hear a great pump up Speech from Shaq Diesel  big Shaq Daddy 


5. John Cena – John Cena one of the best Pro Wrestlers ever .he is 14 time champion . he ‘s one of the best and has beat some of the best in wrestling to like Shawn Michaels , Triple H , Brock Lesnar   The Big Show and more. John Cena says the champ is here and he says you can’t see me and I am a fan because  John Cean is a good wrestler and he is super cool to his fans.  I want to hear a John Cena Pump up speech 

John Cena WWE champion

6. Fred Biletnikoff- Raiders Wide Reciever  super Bowl champion and  pro football  hall of famer. Spent time with late great Raiders owner AL Davis ! Fred was the raiders wide reciever coach and I bet he has a lot of cool stories to tell of the Raiders and Ken Stabler and the guys he coached on the Raiders  at one point he coached Tim Brown and Jerry Rice 2 of the best NFL wide recievers  of all time  ! I bet he would have cool stories and a cool pump up speech   


Fred Biletnikoff Raiders super bowl champion hall of famer

7. Selena Gomez.  music artist , performer and entertainer and actor.  I love all of Selena Gomez’s songs like love you like a love song baby,  who says,  slow down the song and come and get it. I think Selena  Gomez is so pretty and I would love to hear her pump up speech since she has had lots of success  at a  young age !

selena gomez in jean shorts

8.  John Madden Raiders  Super bowl winning coach , NFL hall of famer , football NFL broadcaster and he has his own video games !  John Madden is so pumped up and when  broadcasted NFL  game he would say boom he was always pumped up and has so many cool football stories of coaching the  Raiders  he would pump up me with a speech !

John Madden oakland Raiders coach

John Madden colach and AL Davis Raiders super bowl champion and owner hall of famers

9. Coach Jon Gruden – aka Chucky .  Jon Gruden head coach of the Raiders then went to the Tampa bay Buccaneers and won the Super bowl as coach of the Buccaneers . I would love to hear a pump up speech form Gruden. Gruden is an intense coach he is always yelling and pumping people up and is successful coach and is a winner his legendary faces he made on the sidelines while coaching earned him the  nickname  ”chucky ” . I would love to hear Jon Gruden give a pump up  speech ! 

Jon Gruden Raiders coach chucky face

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