top moments from old school WWE Monday Night Raw this past Monday January 6, 2014

January 8, 2014

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so  it was one of my favorite WWE Monday night Raw .  WWE this past Monday had old school Raw. with legends and hall of famers getting involved in the show and action. here is  a few of my favorite moments from old school  WWE Raw

it was great to see Jake the snake Roberts back in WWE. after the CM punk and Roman Reigns match . The shield looked like they were gonna attack CM Punk some more. but  familiar music hit and it was  Jake the Snake  Roberts With one of his big  snakes  I think  revelations is the name of his snake . it was cool to see Jake the snake back because he had the best DDT finishing move and because  Jake the snake has battled alcohol and drug problems and has been in rehab. and he look really good  and happuy it was cool to see Jake the Snake at Raw and he  did it old school he put his big snake on the shield’s member  Dean Ambrose 

Jake the snaker Roberts old school raw 1  January 6 2014

Jake The Snake Roberts Regresa a la WWE Raw Old School 2014

I also  liked when Sgt. Slaughter was the special guest referee in the Great Khali and Damien Sandow match. and the Great Khali won and  after the match Damien Sandow was mouthing off to Sgt. Slaughter. and Sgt.  Slaughter put Sandow in the  cobra clutch move !   the Sgt. Slaughter was dancing and celebrating with the Great Khali

sgt slaughter

Sgt  Slaughter WWE WWF Champion

and one of my favorite old school Raw moments was Brock Lesnar after he broke Mark Henry’s arm, the Big Show did not like it and came out to confront him .Paul Heyman tried to sneak up on The Big Show so Brock could take advantage and beat the big show up.  But the Big show had none of it. and tossed Brock Lesnar the”beast”  a  former UFC and WWE Champion across and out of the ring like Lesnar was a rag doll. Big show and Lesnar have wrestled before but I would love to see it again and the Big Show can knock out punch Lesnar. I can’t wait for a match Lesnar vs Big Show 2 big powerful strong guys

BigShowLesnar crop 650

Big Show vs Brock Lesnar

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