WWE Moment of the Year for 2013 !

December 23, 2013

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I am a big huge wrestling fan I think the moment of the year for WWE for 2013 is at WrestleMania in New York Met Life Stadium  John Cena beat The Rock for the WWE championship. it was a great match the Rock and John Cena went back and fourth neither men wanted to loose the Rock did the Rock bottom and John Cena came back from it. John Cena did the Attitude Adjustment to the Rock and won the WWE championship it was a great match with two of the best WWE has ever seen  . !!

WM29 Photo 202crop

John Cena knocking the Rock off his feet at WrestleMania 29 in New York

WM29 Photo 211crop

The Rock and John Cena show respect after their big WWE WrestleMania match  WrestleMania 29 2013

John Cena wins the WWE Championship

John Cena the Champ is here. WWE champion 2013  !! 

john cena wwe champion by the rocker 69 d5zhgmm

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