Misletoe. Who would you want to Kiss under the Misletoe ??? from Phillip from Galt

December 23, 2013

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Christmas is coming up This Wednesday December 25 , 2013 .  And there is a Christmas tradition at Christmas parties and Christmas time. Misletoe  ! when you are under the misletoe with some one , you get a kiss from  them. so my question is who would you want a Christmas kiss from under the Misletoe.  Would it be a sagnificant other boy/friend girl friend  wife / husband,  a crush ?  someoe you know  or  a celebrity.  

my Christmas kiss under the misletoe would be Selena Gomez . I think she is so pretty and cute and I like her songs. I adore her , I wish for a Christmas kiss from Selena Gomez.  I guess I can wish  !! from Phillip from Galt. wishing you all  lots of xoxoxo hugs and kisses under the misletoe with someone special !!

mistletoe mickey and mini

selena gomez 2013 mtv movie awards 2

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