Last Game at Candlestick Park San Francisco 49ers tonight Monday Decemmber 23, 2013 Monday Night football

December 23, 2013

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So tonight the San Francisco 49ers play the last game ever at Candlestick Park in San Francisco , tonight Monday December 23, 2013  .Monday Night football 49ers vs the Atlanta Falcons ,  the 49ers have had a lot of Success while palying at CandleStick Park.  they have won 5 super bowls . we have seen at lot of great player like Joe Montana who won 4 super bowls while playing with the 49ers. he has thrown  lots of touchdown passes to Jerry Rice. Jerry Rice who was won Super Bowls  while playing with the 49ers.  Jerry Rice is the leading reciever in touchdowns and  receptions  he is the best wide reciever ever  . we saw  Steve Young who won a Super bowl after Joe Montanta left . Steve Young combined with Jerry Rice to have  record touchdowns from quarterback to reciever they are arguably the best  qarterback reciever tandem to ever play together !  they are super  bowl champions.

now we have current  players like quarterback Colin Kaepernick who lead the 49ers to the Super Bowl last  year. he is a big play making quarterback who can make plays with his arm or  his feet . We have  Vernon Davis at tigh end , he is one of the top and best tight ends in the game today. he is such a great threat and a great catching tight end , he is a great weapon for the 49ers and  Colin Kaepernick to have to throw too !!  Go  49ers ! farewell to CandleStick  lots of great moments and sports and  49ers moments  – from Phillip from Galt 

candlestick farewell 

the 49ers 5 Super bowl trophies


Joe Montana won 4 super bowls while playing with the 49ers he lead the 49ers in many comeback and victories and playoff wins one of the best of all time

JoeMontana display image

Jerry Rice is the leading reciever in receptions and touchdowns and has caught many touchdown passes while playing for the 49ers at Candlestick Park from 2  hall of famer quarterbacks Joe Montana and Steve Young . Jerry Rice one of the best of all times

Jerry Rice

Steve Young 49ers quarterback had the pressure of playing and continue the winning tradition like when Joe Montana played for the 49ers. Steve Young won a super bowl of his own in the 1994 -95 season.   Steve Young was one of the best running quarterbacks too and  threw touchdown passes to Jerry Rice hall of famer wide reciever. In fact one time Jerry Rice and Steve young held the record for touchdowns for quarterback to reciever   tandem. Steve Young won lots of big important games during his time at CandleStick while playing for the 49ers !!

Steve Young 49ers

current players quarterback  Colin Kaepernick #7  and  Tight end  Vernon Davis of the 49ers, and doing a lot of winning for the 49ers they make a great team and last year they made the super bowl and when they move to Santa Clara hopefully the 49ers win some more with these two awesome player !


farewell Candlestikck  !!  

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