a couple of cool sports moments of the year for 2013

December 23, 2013

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when the 49ers went to the Super Bowl in Febrauary 2013.  the San Francsico 49ers went and palyed in the super Bowl. eve though the 49ers lost it was exciting to see the 49ers get in the Super Bowl.   Jim Harbaugh former quarterback for the bears, Colts and San Diego Chargers and current 49ers coach  coached and lead his team to the Super Bowl. and  his brother John Harbugh was on the opposite  sidelines coach of the Baltimore Ravens .   The borthers faced each other for the super Bowl.  the 49ers came close but no cigar as they say.!! the lights went off in the Stadium and the power went out the 49ers were coming back but ended up loosing.

Super Bowl 49ers ravens 2013

Also another great sports moment was  locally. Charles Woodson Oakland Raiders Safety came back to the Oakland Raiders where he started his  NFL career.  Charles woodson went to the Packers and won a Super Bowl with the Green Bay Packers.   Woodson returned to the Silver and Black in the off season and  has  had a productive year making interceptions and even returning a pick 6 !! Woodson has had a great year with the Raiders. ! welcome back Chales Woodson. ! a future hall of famer

Charles Woodson OAkland Raiders 2013

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