Lottery winner donates his winnings to charity 40 Million dollars. What would you do if you won the lottery ??

December 18, 2013

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Tom Crist won the lottery , he won 40 million dollars.  he is gonna donate his money to charities including cancer research. he won 40 million dollars. Crist who lost his wife to cancer says he just retired and he saved enough money to be set for life and his kids are taken care of so he will give his money  to charity. 

if you won the lottery . what would you  with your money ??

I know what I would do here is some of the things I would do if I won the lottery

I would want to buy my own radio station and be on air and play music and talk sports and  interview all the  WWE Wrestlers movies star and music artists when  I could get them in Studio

radio station

I would want to take care of my family my mom  and dad and buddy my dog and my brother sister in  law  neice and nephew and   realitives and  makes sure bills are taken care of  and make sure everyone  has enough money for needs and if they want  a vacation or need anything I would take care of my family if I won the lottery


 I would buy a car a nice new car


I would go to  WWE WrestleMania and interview all the Wreslters for my radio station 

 and get autographs and sit ring side

314x177 levis stadium wrestlemania 31

Lottery Mega Millions

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