Farewell to CandleStick Park in San Francisco, Ca. at the end of this NFL season Candlestick will be demolished

December 5, 2013

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 so at the end of this year 2013  NFL season Candlestick Park will be no More !  The San Francisco 49ers are set to play in their new home Levi Stadium next year in 2014 which is right by the 49ers headquarters in Santa Clara , Ca . 

So I wanted to  go back and talk about some of my most favorite and most memorable moments in CandleStick Park and my favorite players to play at CandleStick.

CandleStick Park has been home of the San Francisco Giants  from when they moved to New York til 2000 when they moved too At&T Park in San Francisco and has been the home of the 5 time Super Bowl champions 49ers !!

my first NFL Pro football game was with my dad . in 1991 when the San Francisco 49ers were playing the Detroit lions. I believe the 49ers won that game. We saw Barry Sanders play and Steve Young play. I was 9 years old. And what was also memorable was on the other side of  the bay the Oakland hills were on fire October 20 , 1991 . We could see the ashes falling from the sky from the fire the sky was gray and dark

Steve young playing for the 49ers in 1991 October 20 1991 at Candlestick park in San Francisco , Ca agains the Lions 

Steve Young 49ers 1991 detroit lions

Anytime Steve Young and Jerry Rice had a touchdown pass. jerry Rice broke the touchdown record  and reception record on Monday Night football. Jerry Rice and Steve Young also held the record for the most Touchdown to quarterback to reciever.  2 great 49ers and Super Bowl champions ! they did lots of winning in Candlestick Park 

Jerry Rice touchdown from Steve Young 49ers

Steve Young Jerry rice

Joe Montana  a 4x Super bowl winning quarterback . Joe thew  one of the best Touchdown passed ever simply called “The Catch”  Joe threw to Dwight Clark in the back of the end zond and Dwight Clark caught it and this also was for the NFC championship game against the Dallas Cowboys and the 49ers beat their rivals 

dwight Clark 49ers the catch

Joe Montana

Joe Montana and Jerry Rice also had many touchdowns and great plays together and won a lot of games at Candlestick and won super Bowls together 

Joe Montana to Jerry Rice touchdown

Terrell Owens one of the best players to play at Candlestick Park  and certainly one of the most entertaining players to play for 49ers at CandleStick Park for the 49ers . Steve Young and the 49ers and Terrell Owens had been battling the Green Bay Packers in the playoffs , it seemed as if the 49ers couldn’t beat the Packers in the playoffs. then in 1999 playoffs against the Packers at Candlestick Park Steve Young with the final minutes of the game. threw it  to Terrell Owens and he was being defended by Packers defenders and Terrell Made a great touchdown catch which won the ball game for the 49ers ! 

Terrell Owens

Terrell Owens 2

some of my favorite other players to play  for the 49ers at Candlestick Park 

Ronnie Lott one of the best defensive back and a hard hitter helped the 49ers win championship and delivered many great hard hitting tackles 

ronnie Lott

Bill Romanowski one of the most intense players ever in the NFL . a hard hitter was apart of a great defense that included Ronnie Lott , Linebacker Kenna Turner, Charles Haley and won Super Bowls one of the best to play for 49ers and  win Super Bowls 

Bill Romanowski

Bubba Paris another one of my favorite 49ers players and he played at Candlestick. Bubba was one of the biggest offensive linemen of his time. . Bubba blocked for great running back Roger Craig and  blocked for Hall of famer quarterback Joe Montana  !

Bubba Paris 49ers

head coach the late great Bill Walsh of the 49ers was one of the best to coach  not only for the 49ers on the sideline at Candlestick But Bill Walsh is one of the best coaches in NFL history.  he lead the 49ers to 3 super bowl chmapionships. Bill Walsh coached his team to be tough and physical and also knew how to use his players and called great plays.   Bill enjoyed much success at Candlestick park as the 49ers headcoach 

Coach Bill walsh 49ers

current 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is exciting to watch he is a great leader so far in his career. he is a big play maker can make plays with his feet and his runs and with his strong arm  . Colin Kaepernick playing at Candlestick 

colin Kaepernick 49ers

Vernon Davis one of the best tight ends in the NFL .is a great play maker for the 49ers . his skills as a catching tight end makes him one of the best.  

Vernon Davis

CandleStick park has also served as the San Francisco Giants stadium . one of my favorite Giants and baseball players hit plenty of homeruns Barry Bond hit some of record homeruns at Candlestick Park  

Barry Bonds

in 1989 the World Series was in the Bay Area between the Oakland A’s and San Francisco Giants .  this is when the Giants had such players and sluggers like Will Clark,  Kevin Mitchell and Matt Williams

The Oakland A’s had  such players and sluggers like the bash brothers Jose Canseco, and Mark McGwire, Rickey Henderson  

The Oakland A’s and San Francisco Giants were slated to play at Candlestick on game 3 or the World series. moments before the first pitch of the World Series. the 1989 Earthquake hit.  

The earthquake caused deaths and injuries everybody in the ball park seemed okay. it was scary and the world series was halted for a few days to grieve over the death of the earthquake.  when the world series resumed the A’s swept the Giants.The A’s and Giants players and fans came together after the earthquake and helped out the community get back to normal as much as possible .

these are some of the moments that will always be memorable  at Candlestick Park thank you to all the great players for all the great moments in sports at Candlestick  Park 

1989 World Series

battle of the Bay Oakland A’s and San Francisco Giants the games of the 1989 world series took place at CandleStick Park and at the Oakland Coliseum

Oakland As looking on after the earhtquake at Candlestick park world series 1989

Oakland A’s player looking on from Candlestick Park on the field prior to game 3 of the 1989 World series after the earthquake struck  

Oakland As checking on their families after earthquake in San Frnacisco 1989 world series

Oakland A’s players along with their families exit the field after the earthquake struck moments before the game 3 in 1989 of the World Series in Candlestick park.

CandleStick baseball San Francisco Giants

Candlestick Park as a baseball field  served as the home of the San Francisco Giants when they moved from New York til 1999

021512 candlestick park

Candlestick park home of the San Francisco 49ers football 5 time Super Bowl champions 

Farewell Candlestick Logo CMYK

CandleStick Park San Francisco 49ers  last year  of CandleStick Park  2013 season  

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