Happy Thanksgiving from Phillip from Galt

November 27, 2013

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Happy thanksgiving everybody.  I wish everybody a safe and good Thanksgiving day.  and a good dinner and good health !   I wish everybody a day with family and friends and lots of love and a good thanksgiving  feast. we have so much to be thankful for.   health, home , jobs,  family  , friends. thank you God.  

also Thanksgiving has to have football and The Oakland Riaders our Oakland Raiders travel to Texas to take on The Dallas Cowboys .  I say Go Oakland Raiders.  I  hope to see Terrell Pryor play at quarterback too in the game.  I like Terrell Pryor he can make a lot of plays with his strong arm and his feet . Also I hope Matt McGloin plays good at quarterback and the Raiders defense gets to Tony Romo a lot . enjoy thanksgiving and football and I hope you have lots to be thankful for too !  – from Phillip from Galt

Thanksgiving Charlie brown 2013

Happy thankgiving everybody , enjoy the day with you family and friends  and loved one Charlie Brown and Snoopy Doggy

Raider logo 4 1

Oakland Riaders play the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving  in Texas.  Go Oakland Raiders ! silver and black !  Just win baby !!

terrell Pryor Oakland Riaders 2

terrell Pryor quarterback for the Oakland Raiders, I hope that he sees some game time tommorow against  the Cowboys in Dallas !

 half time at The Raiders and Cowboys game Pop star and great singer artists and performer Selena Gomez  will be performing all her hit songs during the halftime show.  

Go  Raiders !

Selena Gomez to sing at half time 2013 Raiders Cowboys game

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