Sacramento Kings fans set new world record for loudest indoor arean by fans and noise November 15, 2013

November 20, 2013

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Congratulations Sacramneto Kings fans . on November 15, 2013  Friday in a game against Dtroit  Pistons in Sacramento,CA at sleep train Arean

The kings fans broker the record for the loudest indoor arena.  The kings fan brought the energy and the noise.     Kings fans Rock   !and they have fun going to the games. The game was televised on ESPN .

 The Lodest  kings fans set the loudest record for an indoor arena !

Sacramneto Kings fans loudest

 more kings fans help set the loudest roecord for  an indoor arena . November  15 , 2013  Sacramento, Ca

sleep train arena 

Adriana and kings fans on ESPN

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