former President George W. bush . His new hobby check it out !

November 20, 2013

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So former President of the United states George W. Bush has been keeping his self busy. he has a good cool talent and he is really good at it. He was recently  on the Jay Leno show . and he has been keeping busy with his hobby. he takes painting classes and painting lessons and he paints dogs he painted his doggy Barney who live in the White house with him when he was the President. Barney is the first  Pet ! the first dog.  George W. Bush even prsented Jay Leno with a painting of Jay Leno since he was on the show. Props to George W. Bush ! Keep up the good work – Phillip from Galt

 George W. Bush’s painting of his Doggy Barney

Barney George W  bush painting former President

he signed 43  for him being the 43 President

former President George W. Bush with his doggy Barney. the first pet the first doggy !!

president George W  Bush and hid dog Barney

George W. Bush even Presented  Jay Leno a painting he painted of Jay Leno when he was on the tonight show with Jay Leno  . Very Impressive ! 

george w bush painting jay leno gi

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