Hugs reduce stress , help depression , make you feel happy lowers blood pressure

October 23, 2013

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Hugs  !! Everybody loves to gets a hug from someone they like.  But did you know there are many good health benefits to a hug. Hugs reduce stress , also it lowers blood pressure, because you feel loved and calmed down and it helps depression so you feel happy  and you feel loved and cared about !!  so i say go out and hug someone. ! everyone needs to  be loved and cared about .  a hug  can also mean you forgive someone  and you care for them  and you want to make them happy from just your hug ! from Phillip from Galt

Cousins nofilter beautiful girls pretty cute aww love family cousins vacation hug dress blue purple

hugs  make you happy  🙂

bret shawn hug

Bret the Hitman Hart and Shawn Michaels HBK hug WWE WWF legends and champions, burry the hatchett 

Kane and Daniel Bryan tag team champions WWE team hell no WWE

Kane and Daniel Bryan hug team hell no WWE tag team champion , best friends and tag team champions .

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