Fan Going to the World Series for $6.00 What ???!!!!!!! 2013 World Series Phillip from Galt's Prediction ! Boston Red Sox vs the St. Louis Cardinals

October 23, 2013

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so there is a lucky baseball fan who is going to the world series for $6.00 !! What !! ??? !! Yes ! $ 6.00 . the fan saw the ticket posted online. the website blamed the low price and said who ever posted that the decimal point was placed in the wrong place. It Turns out the ticket is fake , it doesn’t exist. But wait………. there is more ! The baseball fan is not out of his $6.00 ! Stub hub said they would give him a ticket for free ! so this fan is going to the world series game for $6.00 . What a heck of a bargin ! can you believe it !!

my World Series Prediction – Phillip from Galt World Series Prediction !! I think Boston Red Sox are gonna win the world Series. some of the players that I think can make an impact for the Sox are Big Papi David Ortiz , Shane Victarino, and former Oakland A’s player Jonny Gomes . I think  boston will win in 6 games ! 

Red Sox Cardinals 2013 World Series