Championship Brothers. forget Eli and Peyton Manning ! WWE tag team champions Cody Rhodes and his brother The WWE legend GoldDust

October 16, 2013

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so  forget about Peyton Manning and his brother Eli being Super Bowl champions. We have new Championship brothers.  GoldDust who is a WWE legend a former  WWE intercontenintal champion and tag team champion and his brother Cody Rhodes who also was an intercontenintal champion won the WWE Tag Team champion belts this past Monday Night  on WWE Monday Night Raw.  There have been a lot of great brothers that were WWE champions and other champions like  Bret the Hitman Hart was WWE champion and his brother Owen Hart was  intercontenintal champion. Now the Rhodes brothers are in an elite group that includes Bret the Hitman Hart and Owen Hart. they are tag team champions. They beat the Shield Roman Reigns and Seth  Rollins and  Dean Ambrose in their corner in   No DQ match no Rules.  The Rhodes brothers kept fighting the Shield and wouldn’t give up.  Cody did the disaster kick and Big show helped even the odds when  he came in and Knocked out Dean Ambrose and distracted  Roman Reigns and knocked him  out. and Cody Rhodes and  GoldDust  became our new WWE tag team champions. I think GoldDust and Cody Rhodes are gonna be good champions Cody is good wrestler he is talented and young  is the future has a lot of wrestling in his future and Golddust is the power and strenght and he also knows how to get in people’s head,  he has psychological advantage because he taunts his opponentts and he does things in the ring that are different he is vetran of the ring and can wrestle anybody. Cody Rhodes and GoldDust are sons of the American Dream Dusty Rhodes the wrestling  legend and former NWA  heavyweight champion . Congratulations to the Rhodes brothers  for winning the WWE Tag team championship  belts. from Phillip from Galt 

Cody Rhodes and GoldDust WWE tag team champions

Cody Rhodes and GoldDust  new WWE Tag Team champions  ! Congratulations Rhodes brothers !

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