Snooki used to struggle with Anorexia .

October 9, 2013

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So Snooki who us currently on dancing on the stars and she was the star of jersey shore. reveals she has struggled with Anorexia eating disorder in the past.   She said she was   high school cheerleader and wanted to fit in.  all t the other girls were so tiny.  she said she only ate one salad a day and then it became one cracker a day.   I wish  Snooki the best, Snooki is now a mom to Lorenzo. she has been a good mom she is proud to be a mom and she  is on dancing with the  Stars. Snooki  should be proud of herself .  she is looking good . I think Snooki should be proud of herself she is a nice and good person  and a good mom  -Phillip from Galt

snooki 2013 mtv movie awards 02

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