Phillip from Galt's sexiest Women alive list October 9 2013 Wednesday

October 9, 2013

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So Esquire Magazine  had picked Scarlett Johanson as the Sexiest woman alive  So I decided to come up my list of my sexxiest women too  !  In no Paticular order

 1. )   Selena Gomez , she is so pretty and cute and she is nice and has great songs 

Selena Gomez Teen Choice Awards 2013

2.)  I have a friend named Adriana she is so nice and I think she is pretty and cute and she helped Save the Sacramento Kings , she brought out signs and held them up  at Sacramento Kings games, she went to kings games and city council Meetings. and I think she is one of the sexiest women and girls out there

Adrian Ortiz Plasencia

3.)Kate Upton is really pretty too, she is sexy she is in the Carl’s  Jr. commercial I would love to eat a hamburger with her, she was Sport Illustrated’s cover model !

Kate upton carls jr

Kate upton Carl’s Jr. Commercial

kate upton1 620 1736950a

4. ) Miley Cyrus the wild child. she is really cute and pretty and she is having fun, I think she is beautiful and sexy especilly when she came out in her see through  outfit at i heart radio festival

miley cyrus i heart radio

5. ) Nikki and Brie the Bella Twins from WWE. they are so sexy and pretty and  they are good wrestlers they kick but in the ring and Nikki dates John Cena the WWE and World hevyweight champion Brie dates Daniel Bryan  a former  WWE champion as well   The Bella twins are sexy

Nikki and Brie the Bella Twins WWE

6. ) Snooki is sexy, she is a nice person and she is full of energy and is cute and she is pretty. she is a tv star she was also on Wrestling before

snooki 2013 mtv movie awards 02

7.  )  Christina Milian is really sexy too she is a music artist , she even dj mixes, she was on Ellen’s show as a guest  DJ !

christina milian 20050811 61539

8. )  Kat Deluna is an international star she has had several hits like whine up,  drop it low and Run the show with Busta Rhymes. one time she came to hot 1035 and was trying to show me how to drop it low and pop your booty up !!  Kat Deluna is really nice too and one of my favorites she is sexy !!

Kat Deluna

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