Simpsons character to be killed off !!! ???? What ....... What !!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!

October 2, 2013

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So a  Simpson character will be killed  off ? Do you have any guesses of  who you think it will be ???  I  hope it’s not  Marge , Homer, Bart , Lisa, or Maggie. that would be just plain wrong !! here are some of my guesses !!   what say you ?  from Phillip from Galt !

Moe Bartender

Will  Moe the Bartender die. all these years of harrassment from Bart on the phone Prank calls maybe it got to him !  Now Bart will have to find someone else to prank call  !


Maybe  Mr. Burns dies ?  he is really old .he might kick the buckett !  you never know  !  Excellet !!!!!!

Patty and Selma Marge sisters

Patty and Selma  Marge Simpson’s sisters they might die, they smoke a lot  and sometimes they are rude.  they might die  you never know

Police chief Simpsons

Maybe its the police Chief. I hope not.  then  he would have died in the line of duty. !

Simpsons at funeral 1

Well who ever it is that is dying on the simpson I hope its not Bart  homer  Maggie Marge or Lisa. and R. I.P.  to who ever it is !  this is sad news kinda  !!  awwweee

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