Shaquille O' Neal becomes apart of Sacramento Ownership All time NBA great NBA champion with the LA Lakers and Miami Heat buys ownership steak with the Sacramento kings

September 25, 2013

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 So Shaq   , Big Shaq, Shaquille O’Neal is apart of the Sacramento Kings ownership group. Shaq  bought ownership steak in the Sacramento Kings.  Shaq was a rival of the kings during his time with the LA Lakers. Shaq , kboe and the LA Lakers beat the Kings in the palyoffs  the Western conference to go to the NBA finals. Shaq is a NBA champion with the LA  Lakers and Miami  heat.  Shaq is one of the best big man  he was so dominant with his power and he is the best dunker of all time in the NBA. he used to  break down the backboards in  Orlando Magic. I am a big  Shaq fan . Shaq is on TNT.  and he  also plans to mentor  Big Man Demarcus Cousins .  Cousins can get tips and learn how to use his size like Shaq did.  I am a big Shaq fan   and I hope he can  come to Hot 1035 radio since I am a big fan and I want to get his autograph picture and radio drop this is great New for the Sacramento kings  a lot of exciting things are happeing ins Sacramento. Shaq we are big fans of the you  from Phillip from Galt 

Shaq NBA champion with the LA Lakers

Shaq during his time with  the LA Lakers Shaq won a few championships with the  LA Lakers !!  NBA champions 

Shaq Slam dunking NBA

Shaq   Slam dunking  NBA !! Shaq part of the Sacramento Kings  ownership group 

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