Dinosaurs last weekend at Cal Expo in Sacramento ! I almost got eaten by a Dinosuar !! from Phillip from Galt

September 25, 2013

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so last weekend in Sacramento, CA at Cal Expo Dinosuars were roaming around. they had life size dinosaurs they were machines of course but it felt like they were real. they were moving and roaring and they were big. I saw my favorite dinosaurs T-Rex and Steggasorus . It was fun to see the dinosaurs. Now I know how big the dinosaurs were when they lived it was a cool experience to see the dinosaurs up and close ! I have pictures of my experience at the dinosaurs. ps I almost got eaten by a dinosaur ! he was really hungry and wanted to eat ! – from Phillip from Galt


T- Rex  


my other favorite dinosaur stegosaurus



me almost getting eaten by a  dinosaur  !!   T- Rex from Phillip from Galt 


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