September 11 , 2001 we will never forget .

September 11, 2013

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so  I remember September 11 2001 . I remember I was in the first semester at  Junior College it was my day off from school and my mom said we are being attacked . I though  my home was being attacked and I got up and saw the the Twin Towers on fire and saw the news reporting then moments later the Tower fell the first tower was gone. I was so sad and worried for the people and knew they had died and  I had lots of worry and was glued to my tv to see what was gonna happen next.  while this day was tragic and sad. we had lots of hero from this day. like the rescuers and first reponders like the brave police men and police women and  firemen that tired to save the people in the twin towers. and the heros that died on flight 93 the passenegers of  flight united  93   tried to take over the plane from the  hi-jackers and  in a struggle the plane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania ! The plane was either headed for the capitol building or  the white house . because of the  brave passengers of flight 93 that never happened  and United 93 never reached its target .

We are a great county and came back and show terrorists we will not hide in fear. God bless the USA  ! 

here are some of the images of the day September 11 2001

September 11 2001 united we Stand  twin tower

september 11 2001 pic 1

September 11 ,2001 attacks memorial when the planes hit the Towers

Fire man September 11

September 11 2001 first responder NY Fireman   takes a moment

flight 93 crash site

Crash site in Pennsylvania of Flight 93  September 11 2001

9 11 surviors

People trying to eascape the debris of September 11 when the towers fell

September 11 2001 firemena

firemen first responders in the September 11 2001 terrorist attacks take a moment to put up the United  States of  American flag for our country at the Twin Towers site in New York .

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