Are you an Adult ?? do you know how to ride a bike ?

September 11, 2013

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are you an Adult?  do you know how to ride a bike ?   Well I heard nearly  25% of Adults do noy know how to ride a bike. I feel sorry for them .  because  I know how to ride a bike its fun.  you have to be craeful and follow the rules of the road. you can wear a  safety helmet or  orange vest so vehicles and motorists can see you.    Also when you ride a bike if you live close to work you  can bike to work or you can ride to the store if you want to get something at the store. I learned how to ride my bike and its fun.  well if you do not know how to ride a bike and you’re an Adult I encourage you to learn take lessons have a friend help. you can get excercise. have somebody help you keep your balance because its not fun and you can seriously get hurt if you fall from your bike.  you can listen to music on your bike., you are saving  gas $$$ money while riding your bike !!   you can get exercise and riding bikes and can meet up with friends and family for a bike ride.  don’t be embrassed to ask and learn to ride a bike ask a friend to help  from Phillip from Galt 

me Phillip from Galt and Cora Hot 1035 at Sacramento City hall earth day celebration april 2013

me  Phillip from Galt and my friend Cora from Hot 1035 Sacramento  with my  bike  !!

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