John Cena out 4- to 6 Months Get better John Cena and hope you come back to be WWE Champ and as a face ! please don't change Heel ! from Phillip from Galt

August 29, 2013

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John Cena one of  my favorite WWe Wrestlers of all is out of action for 4 to  6 months.  he had surgery ealier on a torn muscle and as a result John Cean’s elbow built up fluid and his elbow is the size of a tennis ball . So now he  needed to get it worked on  and he had surgey which was done by Dr. James Andews.   John Cean is the champ  he is a good guy he works with make a wish and cheers up sick kids in the hospital. John Cena  is nice and gives his shirts and wrist band to fans. he signs autographs for fans. and he beat all the best people and  John Cena is one of the best WWE Wrestlers. John Cena is one of the best champs of all time.   He beat Triple H, Randy Orton, CM Punk and John Cean does not back down he beat the Rock at WrestleMania this year in April to become the new  WWE Champion. John Cena is going to back and be the champ again !  he is gonna rehab and be back for WrestleMania next year !  John Cena have get better and healthy and you will be the champ.  Thank John Cena for being nice to the fans and please never turn heel.  you are a good Wrestling hero to cheer for. You can’t see me ! The Champ is here and John  Cena will be the Champ again ! –  from Phillip from Galt  WWE and Wrestling fan !

John Cena WWe Champion 2013 pic 2

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