Top Tv Money Makers $$$$ TV Star Judge Judy and , Ashton Kutcher

August 28, 2013

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So I  heard the Top $$$$$ Money makers came out the other day. Judge Judy is the winner,  She makes up to 47 Million dollars a year.  She has a tv show and is the judge of small claims court. She rules on people’s disputes.   she makes her money by how many channels have her show on . many tv channels have her nationally syndicated show on, some air it a  couple times a day.  her money comes from Advertisements too.   

Ashton Kutcher makes a lots of money per epidsoed . he took  Charlie Sheen’s spot on  2 and a half men . Ashton Kutcher is the highest paid tv star per episode . $750,000  per episode. Sheen was making $1.2 million per episode,  but  Ashton Kutcher’s $750,000 isn’t bad. he won’t be going hungry any time soon.  – Phillip from Galt

 Judge Judy top money maker in tv $$$$$ Money

judge judy

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