Congressional Medal of honor awarded to Staff Sgt. Ty Carter

August 28, 2013

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The Congressional medal of honor was recently awarded to Staff  Sgt. Ty Carter.  Staff Sgt. Ty Carter was awarded the medal of honor for his bravery while in combat in Afganistan. Carter helped his fellow soldiers when a blast when off he carried his fellow soldiers to safety so they could go to the hospital to be treated. he risked his life for his fellow soldiers while in a fight with the Taliban.  thank you Sgt. Ty Carter for your bravery and defending our county . Congratulation on the medal of honor you are deserving. God bless our troop and their families and the United States.  -  Phillip from Galt.

Staff Sgt. Ty  Carter being awrded the Congressional medal of honor  at the white house The President awards this medal to a soldier who was in combat and went far and above duty and  shows bravery . Congratulation Staff Sgt. Ty Carter

Ty Carter Medal of Honor

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