Urijah Faber UFC fighter wins fight

August 21, 2013

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Urijah Faber wins his UFC fight last Saturday August 17, 2013 . The fight was in Boston. Urijah Feber is Sacramento’s own !!  He is The California kid! he comes out to  California Love by 2 Pac and Dr. Dre.    he fought  Luri Alacantra   in a bantamweight fight. Urijah slammed  Alacantra to the mat and it turned things in his favor. Urijah is intense in the cage and throws punches and  elbows he said his jaw maybe was broken thought  he toughed it out .  Congratulations Urijah Faber and way to represent Sacramento,CA.  Urijah Faber might be in line for a bantamweight title shot. he deserves one he is tough fighter and can fight with the best of them – Phillip from Galt

Urijah Faber aka California Kid UFC Fight Saturday August 17 2013

Urijah Faber in the UFC    fight

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