Back to school Time ! Have a good School year Students from Hot 1035 and Phillip from Galt

August 21, 2013

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Hello Students. grade school, high school and college .  I wanted to  tell you all the best in your new school year ! make new friends and study hard.  a news school year means being prepared.  make sure you have you paper , writing pens , pencils , Binders and homework ect.  A new school year also means  getting a good night rest so your mind is fresh in the morning and ready to  study and pay attention ! you also have to pack your lunch and eat lunch so you can concentrate.  Also a new school year means high school sports and  high school football for student athletes on Friday nights. have fun playing and stay healthy and safe. have a good school year – Phillip from Galt

back to school time

School bus  taking all  the kids to school

school books 

school  books

high school football

friday night high school football

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