Selena Gomez 2013 Teen Choice Awards . Selena is so sweet !

August 12, 2013

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so I saw on tv yesterday  August 11 2013  was the 2013 Teen choice awards.  and I saw a picture on Selena Gomez.  I just want to say I think Selena Gomez is so pretty and cute and she seems so  sweet. she seem like she really loves her fans and all people.  I am glad she is not like Miley Cyrus and not dressing in short short clothes and she is not acting like a fool, she is down to earth. I adore Selena Gomez as a fan !   I think she is a good role modle for young  people and all people Congratulations Selena on your Teen Choice award  2013.  Selena Gomez won an award which looks like  surfboard, its pretty cool !  She won for the “best Break up song “  Come and get it   – from Phillip from Galt

Selena Gomez Teen Choice Awards 2013

Selena Gomez before the Teen Choice awards 2013  in her stunning dress. 

Selen Gomez accepts her awarad teen choice awards 2013

Selena Gomez accepts her Teen choice award 2013  for her song  Come and get it. Congratulations Selena Gomez   you are awesome 

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