Pre Season NFL football the 49ers face a familiar face this Friday of Week 2 of Pre Season NFL Action former 49ers Quarterback Alex Smith

August 12, 2013

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so it is week 2 of the  pre season coming up. and the San Francisco 49ers face a familiar face  this Friday night their former 49ers quarterback Alex Smith . Alex Smith was darfter # 1 over all in the 2005 NFL  daft by the San Francisco 49ers. and spent his first 8 years 2005 til 2013 last year in a 49ers uniform . While in San Francisco Alex Smith  over came challenges like new football head coaches new quarterback  coaches and new offesnive of coordinators his first few years. Alex Smith took the 49ers to a playoff  apearance and win in 2011 in a divisional  playoff round agaist New Orleans Saint. Alex Smith played with a lot of toughness and strength in San Francisco. Smith was replaced last year when he went down to injury with a concussion and went to back quarterback after being medically cleared to play.  Colin Kaepernick took Alex Smith  spot as starting quarterback of the 49ers and played extremely well making plays with feet and with his throws. he lead the 49ers to the super Bowl last season. Alex Smith he was in San Francisco played like a leader and he  is getting a new fresh start in Kansas City with the Chiefs. I am looking forward to this game.  even though Alex Smith might admitt to it , he would love to go and get a win even though it is a pre season game against his former team and he will want to have a good outing thowing touchodowns and scoring while he is in the game !!   we will see   – from Phillip from Galt

Alex Smith Kansas Citty Chief 2013

former 49ers quarterback  Alex Smith to play his former team in pre season action  week  2 NFL  ! Alex Smith current Kansas City Chiefs quarterback

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