TV Personality Al Roker misses tv segment , Over Slept !!

August 7, 2013

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Have you ever Over slept  and were late for a meeting , job, or for school ??? well don’t feel too bad.  Just be honest. And at Least you are not on TV and everybody knows about it. That’s what  happend to Today Show’s weather man  and popular tv perosnality  Al Roker.  he over slept. he missed his tv segment, when he did make it to the tv studio he laughed it off by saying for 30  years people have asked what his back up was if he missed his alarm and  he said he didn’t need a back up.  Well if you are ever late for work , be  honest with your boss . say you over slept and maybe they will understand because  Al Roker over slept and he is on tv. I think we all should get a pass now a free pass for if we are late !!   – Phillip from Galt

Al Roker ‘s TV segment ,  hopefully he doesn’t over sleep any more !

Al Roker