Nicki Minaj , You can't do that !!! Or Maybe you can. ! Nicki Minaj getting hand on in strip club

August 7, 2013

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Nicki Minaj who made a visit to a gentlemen’s club . was feeling a little touchy and wanted to grab on. she apprently was with friends some of here girlfriends and other friends and her hypeman.  She broke a stripclub rule ! No touching the strippers . Apprently Nicki Minaj was  grinding on the strippers and they got to touch her behind so appreantly  the strippers were retunring the favor !  Good for them !  Everybody was hand on ! I guess that’s only fair. !! 

here is the picture on Nicki Minaj getting a little touchy with one of the strippers. I guess she was having fun !

nicki minaj with a stripper

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