Congratulations to the class of 2013 Pro football Hall of fame . Chris Carter, former Eagle and Vikings widereciver with the best Speech.

August 7, 2013

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so  the Hall of fame Pro football inductions were this past Saturday August 3. I want to congratulate the  whole class of 2013 Pro football hall of famers. I think the speech of the night from the new Pro football hall of famers has to be  Chris Carter former Eagles and Vikings wide reciever. he talked about having problem and issues off the field and struggles and how he cleaned up his life so he could focus and do things  right.  he told us about his support he got from  his  family he looked up to his brothers and family his sisters and he told them you are being inducted in to the Hall of fame with me  ! that was cool because he really appreciate his family he told the story about his mom had to drop out of high school when she was  young and she raised her kids and when she  was in her 40’s she went back to finish high school and after that she went to college and earned a college degree he told his mom she is inducted with him in the Hall of famer. Chris Carter had amazing numbers he has 130 career touchdowns over 1,000 recieving receptions, he was a true pro when he got his life together.   He was a all pro and Pro Bowler . Congratulations Chris Carter on the Pro football Hall of fame – Phillip from Galt

 Chris Carter with his time with the Minnesota Vikings

Chris Carter NFL Vikings