WWE Raw coming to Sacramento, Ca August 12, 2013 at Sleep Train Arena for WWE Monday Night Raw and the best SummerSlam moments

July 31, 2013

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WWE is coming to Sacramento, Ca . Monday August 12, 2013  for  Monday Night Raw. Sleep train Arena.  all the WWE superstar wrestlers will be there.  CM Punk  , Kane, Triple h the Boss the C.O.O.  ( chief operations officer)  Triple H is in charge. Daniel Bryan will try to get ready for his match again John Cena for the WWE championship belt at summerslam and this will be the last WWE Monday night Raw before summerslam.  John Cena the WWE champion will take on Alberto Del Rio the World heavyweight champion in  a champion vs champion match  !   So get ready for all the body slams and  more  , beat downs and more  . Be there live  for WWE Monday night Raw Sacramento August  12 2013  .

John Cean vs alberto Del rio champion monday night WWe champion

Best SummerSlam match Moments

Undertaker vs Undertaker  (fake Undertaker )  with the Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase

so in 1994 Undertaker faced Yokozuna at the Royal Rumble for in a casket match and Yokozuna with the help of many superstars put Undertaker in the casket. Undertake vowed all though he was put in a casket he would come back.  During summer people reported seeing the Undertaker. fans claimed they saw him at Wrestling show, at gas stations  ect and sent in pictures . then the  Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase  calimed he had the Real Undertaker.  he said Undertaker broke in WWE as apart of his Survivor Series team in 1990 and  he claimed he was brining the Undertaker back to  WWE.  but when the match came the Real Undertaker was back  with Paul Bearer as his manager and   Million Dollars man’s Undertaker imposter was no match for the Real Undertaker. The Real Undertaker tombstone pile-drived the imposter Undertaker and  in the end there was one Undertaker. this was truly a unique match !  one of my favorite  Summerslam matches 

Undertaker vs Undertaker 1

SummerSlam 1994 Undertaker vs Undertaker

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