J. Cole says something negative about Autism and Apologizes

July 24, 2013

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J. Cole rapper has an album . in one of his tracks his lyrics said ” I’m artistic and my rivals are autistic “ retarded.   J. cole has since apologized for his remakes and Drake who is also faeature on the album says the  lyric will be removed.  

I have autism and I did not like to hear this news. because we try our best people with autism we try to fit in and work hard and want to be apart of the community.

but I am glad they are gonna remove this lyric . and J. Cole apologized.

but I  think J. cole should reach out to people with autism since he said hurtful things about people like me and friends that I have. 

maybe he can give us concert tickets to people with austism . or alot of people with autism like me with developmental diabilities we paly special olympics, its really fun.  maybe he can go to a special oilympics event and sign autographs and hang out. It always nice to have support and meet celebrites.

I have been trying to reach  out to J. Cole on Twitter.  I would love to have a phone interview with him and talk to him about his rap and  lyrics  and post it here.   -Phillip from Galt

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