Yoenis Cespedes Oakland A's 2013 All Star Homerun Champion Monday July 15 2013

July 17, 2013

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Oakland A’s Star outfielder #52  won the 2013 Homerun Derby !  Yoenis Cespedes was the first player not selected to the All Star game to win the homerun Derby!  Yoenis Cespedes blasted 17 homeruns in the first round and  he hit the homeruns in the upper deck , Cepedes a powerful hitter and a great outfielder, during the second round he hit 6 homeruns which allowed the American league team to win the homerun derby.  Cepedes went against Bryce Harper in the final round oif and  Harper hit 8 homeruns in the final round and Yoenis Cepedes hit 9 to win the 2013   homerun derby he hit a total of 32 homeruns.! Yoenis put on  a show he is a great and powerful hitter. after he won the derby he was congratulated by his American league fellow homerun Derby competitors and his American league homerRun derby team-mates. one of his fellow homeruns hitters presented Yoenis with a WWE Wrestling champion belt. ! since he is a homerun champion. I know Josh Reddick , Yoenis Cepedes’s Oakland A’s team-mate will be excited to see Yoenis Cespedes’s  WWE Belt.  Yoenis was also was awareded with a new Chevrolet  pick up truck the sponsors of the  homerun derby for winning the homerun derby ! Yoenis Cepedes hit towering homeruns great distances that went in to the upper deck at Citi field in NY.  I think Yoenis Cespedes will continue to hit amazing homeruns for the Oakland A’s in the second half of the baseball season and help the A’s win !!    Go Oakland A’s and Congratualations to Yoenis Cepedes from the Oakland A’s for winning the 2013 All star homerun Derby  -  Phillip from Galt 

Yoenis Cespedes Oakland As 2013 All Star homerun Derby Champion July 15 Monday 2013

Monday  July 15, 21013 at Citi Field in New York at the 2013 All Star HomeRun Derby. Oakland A’s star Yoenis Cepedes who wonthe derby with one of his 32 homeruns he hit in the derby !

Yoenis Cespedes Oakland As July 15 2013 All Star Home Run derby champion Monday Oakland As outfielder citi field NY

Yoenis Cepedes of the Oakland A’s winning the  2013 homerun derby with 32 homeruns.  with his Homerun derby trophy  and  his WWE Wrestling champion belt ! he is an awesome homerun champion ! 

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